A City Of Contrasts … Melbourne with Genine
Melbourne … it is a city of contrasts, from grungy alleyways to modern skyscrapers. It is a city that’s exterior belies its mecca of culture, food, entertainment and, of course,  shopping. Genine Howard takes a weekend break and discovers there is more to Melbourne than meets the eye. READ STORY HERE!


Escape To Perfect Caloundra With Your Best Girly Friends …
It’s a crazy world we live in; a crazy, stressful, busy old world. So surely we’re justified in taking a little time out every now and again? Just a few nights away with a girlfriend or two by the beachside can do wonders for the soul, as Alli and Genine discovered when they escaped to Rumba Beach Resort on a Girlfriends’ Ritzy Getaway.

Luxury Loves Company … with Genine
Balinese luxury is within reach – especially if you’re willing to bring some company along. Genine discovers an idyllic private villa in Bali where luxury oozes from every frangipani flower.


Left My Heart in Honkers … with Alli
Hong Kong – a fabulous city where the old is blended with the new. With so much to do and see, how can you experience the best Honkers has to offer in just four short days? This was the challenge Alli Grant and her husband recently faced on their first visit to the oh-so-cosmopolitan city.


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