Swimwear for Girls With Boobs and Bums …

Okay, Alli and I figure that between us we are the epitome of the average Australian woman – Alli’s got the boobs and, sorry Alli, but the bum too (though see her blog about getting a smaller one HERE!) and I, Genine, have the no boobs and a bum (though less than it used to be).

Alli is of average height, I’m a little bit more like a bean pole. One thing we both have is a bit of self-conciousness when it comes to the bathers department – and I bet, just like most women!

So, I recently found an awesome label called Kiargo that specialises in swimmers for curvy chicks and especially ones that have big ‘assests’! PLUS I love love love them as they are designed with a cute nautical theme and styles reminiscent of the 1960’s where being a curvy woman was celebrated – just think back to sex-siren Marilyn Monroe’s size 16 curves.

Kiargo swimwear design for Girls With Curves!

Here’s the blurb from my recent WINDOW SHOPPING page in Profile Magazine;

The glamour and timeless allure of Hollywood Regency sails in from the ocean with this season’s Vacationist collection by Kiargo, influenced by the distinctive architectural style of the 1960s and the extravagance of ocean cruising. Designer Jessica Holmes’ keen interest in lingerie design and the demands of body support for fuller shapes led her to develop a swimwear equivalent based on solid undergarment foundations – perfect for the fuller figure and bust (F and G cup options).

Head to www.kiargo.com or phone 03 9419 8803 for more gorgeous styles or head online to read the Sunshine Coast January issue of Profile Magazine.

Genine x



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