Alli’s Kaftan Crush … Introducing Colin Heaney

Those of you who have been following our blog know that I’m not mad on my knees. Or my butt. Or my tummy. Or my thighs. Or my arms for that matter.

And while I’m in the process of downsizing all of these wobbly bits (and I’m getting there!), I certainly appreciate a good maxi dress and how it perfectly covers all those body parts I’d rather keep a mystery to the world.

Over the past year or so, my maxi dress collection has expanded to feature a number of kaftans. Not to be confused with moo-moos, which are a little more circus tent and a little less maxi dress.

Frankly, I adore them! I love that they are flowy and girly and feminine. I love that they come in pretty colours with bling and sparkles. Ultimately, I love that they adequately cover my bits, while at the same time sending the message that I may just be about to jump onto my private jet and nip off to the Maldives for a five-star getaway. Nothing says ‘summer celebrity chic’ like a kaftan.

And while I’m utterly predictable in admitting that I desperately covet a Camilla (Franks, that its), I have recently discovered a new kaftan crush. Colin Heaney. Holler! So you can imagine my excitement when a package arrived with two kaftans for Genine and I to review. How I love my job! Genine wasn’t quite as excited. More on that in a minute.

Fun? Us? Never ...

Hailing from Byron Bay, Colin Heaney is a prolific artist whose expression crosses two and three dimensional forms including glass, textiles, architecture, sculpture, furniture and graphics. Check out his work here – divine!

His silk kaftans are most definitely works of art and I was dying to try one on.

Colin generously sent us two kaftans for ‘play time’ – Fiesta in pink (long length), and Safari in taupe (mini length). Now, given my earlier comments about my legs and the fact that Genine has fierce pins thanks to months of personal training, of course I snaffled the kaleidoscope of colours kaftan, Fiesta (long), and happily threw the somewhat shorter option to Genine, Safari (mini). (Check out our video review here!)

Genine was a little hesitant about doing the kaftan thing, to be honest. She is all about structured clothing and showing off the female form. And she certainly doesn’t do ‘casual’ well. Not at all.

But friends, I have a new recruit on the kaftan bandwagon – welcome Genine! She loved the colours in the Safari kaftan and that while it was flowy, like a good kaftan should be, it still had a fair bit of structure. In true Genine style, she teamed her kaftan with a pair of super high black heels, a black slip and silver and black accessories. Perfectly Genine!

Genine in 'Safari'

Me? Well I’m all about being casual and feminine (and practical – hard to chase a toddler in heels!), so I went straight to my Holster jelly collection – the perfect accessory for a Colin kaftan. Deciding I wanted to sex it up a little, I threw on a strapless bra and exposed one shoulder. Risqué, no!?

A strand of hot pink Bali-bought beads, and I was ready to take on the world, big girl’s panties hidden safely away under the delicate silk of one of Colin’s flamboyant creations. (Check out the whole range here.)

Alli in 'Fiesta'

One in every colour, please!




3 Responses to “Alli’s Kaftan Crush … Introducing Colin Heaney”

  1. Kylie Reading Rowe February 8, 2012 at 11:06 pm #

    I am having a Kaftan Crush for these too! How fab is your second photo? That screams Kaftan Love glamour – instant hapiness. Love the colours on your’s Alli! I have the most gorgeous Kaftan and it does make me strike dramatic poses and kind of turns me into a live version of a Florence Broadhurst beautiful wall – it’s so fun! Definitely have to get my hands on a Colin Heaney number and channel some Byron / Noosa Style! Gorgeous!

  2. Tanya February 8, 2012 at 12:30 pm #

    omg you girls are gorgeous!!

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