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Ever had a “poor me” moment? Genine experiences a foreign emotion.

23 Mar

Indulge me readers. I am having a “poor me” moment.

Genine has a 'poor me' moment

Those of you who follow our blog will know that is a rare occurrence indeed. I’m the ‘glass half-full’ half of the Alli & Genine combo. Alli’s normally the one to have a big girly cry. Well, the tables have turned.

So, I have been slaving away for a good few weeks now, pulling 16-hour (or more) days and have hardly seen my husband. It’s been all work and certainly no play.

I am tired, cranky and desperately need a massage. My normally strict diet and exercise regime has been neglected and I haven’t cut my toenails in far too long (they are a disgrace!). I have taken to pulling my hair up in a tight bun each day because I don’t have the time to wash and blow-dry it.

Kim Kardashian realised she didn't have time to get her nails done

And my house? Let’s just say that the knock on my door right now could be coming from those two old English birds from How Clean Is Your House ?– with gloves firmly in place. Hope it is!

The ladies from House Clean Is Your House? are knocking on Genine's door

Our dog hasn’t been walked in two weeks and is growing more frustrated every day (she even tries to play ball when I am sitting on the loo). The cobwebs have taken over. And if anyone had asked me to do another thing yesterday at work I may well have eaten them, screamed at them or called them a nasty name. I am stressed, fragile and experiencing mini panic attacks. Poor, poor me.

The I went to the bank. I was in my ‘I am so busy, poor me, blah blah blah’ mode. The teller (let’s call her Maria, ‘cause that is her name) took me into an office to help me with my banking issues. “Tappity tap, banking, money, banking, blah blah, I have five children, blah blah …” Hold the phone. “Five children?” I asked. Yep, five kids, 15 months to 19 years, full-time job, soccer, school, lunches etc. All as a single mum. I had just found Superwoman.

Who knew Superwoman held a second job at the bank?

I walked out of the bank trying to imagine what would happen if I threw a kid into my busy life. I mean, how can one woman juggle that many kids and a career and remain sane?

Then I chatted with our new web developer, the lovely Michelle from Little Hero Hosting. Now, I have not actually met Michelle, so I can’t say for certain, but I’d bet my last dollar that she is decked-out in high-waited blue undies and some sort of strapless gold top with arm shields, just like Wonder Woman. She, like Maria, has five kids. Yep, five little heroes whom she manages to feed, water, clothe, discipline, bathe and put to bed each day, with a story or two before bed, all while emailing and chatting to me throughout the night. Little Hero Hosting? Aptly named in my book.

Does Wonder Woman exist? Genine thinks so!

Next, I was chatting to Alli on the phone and we were updating each other about what we had achieved and what still needed to get done. I had a little tanty and told her that I simply could not fit another thing into my day. I was far, far too busy and exhausted.

After hanging up the phone, I realised something. My business partner, the other half of Alli & Genine and dear, special friend, does exactly what I do each and every day … and then some.

You see, through all my carry-on about how terribly important and busy I was, I forgot that there is a true super-hero right next to me (well, an hour down the road). Just like me, Alli is a wife. She is also a business owner and a work-a-holic. But the one thing Alli is that I am not, is a mum. And Alli is a darned good one at that (although she won’t admit to it).

So today my friend, my blog is for you. This is my chance to tell you that I think you are a wonderful, special woman, who is so driven and inspiring and I am proud to call you my business partner and friend. I sometimes forget how amazing you are.

Genine thinks Alli is hiding some big blue undies under her kaftan (image courtesy Studio Republic)

This post is also for Maria and Michelle – super-hero mums who juggle it all. It is for all you mums out there who work hard, like I do, but do it all while juggling a family – you are my super-heroes.

So it’s time I realised that, yes, it is okay to have a “poor me” moment, but in the end I too have to pull up my big girl’s panties (or in the case of Alli, Michelle and Maria, their Wonder Woman / Superwoman undies) and get on with it. Lesson learned.



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