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WANTED: Real women to reveal all!

22 Mar

The search is on. We’re looking for other “real women” to take it all off, figuratively speaking. To share their stories. No, we’re not putting together some kind of old chicks’ nudie calendar or organising a bit of womanly Full Monty action. Sorry. We’re prudes from way back. Especially Alli. Not getting nude anytime soon.

Calendar Girls - raw & exposed! But we're not getting nude

Anyway, back to the task at hand. We created the world of Alli & Genine to inspire and entertain women everywhere struggling through life, facing challenges and issues every day. Normal stuff, but tough stuff, all the same. And while we could (and do) bang-on about ourselves and our worlds incessantly, we’re well aware that when it comes to inspiration, we’re a little light-on.

In our “other” world of magazine publishing, we meet amazing women every day, women who have the most inspiring, encouraging and honest stories to share. And thankfully, we’re really bloody good at banging-on about other people too (i.e. not just ourselves). Actually, it’s what we do best.

So, we’re on the hunt for real women who want to share their stories with us and the world. If you head over to our website (www.alliandgenine.com) you’ll see that we have a section called Real Women (creative, we know!). And when we say real, we mean average, every day chicks. But that’s each and every one of us, including celebrities, supermodels, billionaires, mums, career women, single gals etc etc. Because deep down, we all hurt, we all have fears and we all have issues to overcome, no matter how rich or famous we are. Even Oprah!

Even Oprah has issues!

The next step for us is to use the fabulous platform you have helped us create to share the thoughts, fears, challenges, triumphs and issues of others. This is where you come in.

Do you know of an especially inspiring woman with a story that simply must be shared with the world? Or would you like to share your own journey and experiences with others?

Perhaps you have views on being a working mum to enlighten and educate? Alli sure could do with a few tips.

Perhaps you have overcome a major tragedy or serious illness and want to give hope to other women going through something similar? We’d love to help.

Perhaps you have been through a particularly nasty divorce and have a few funny tales to tell, in hindsight?

Perhaps you have faced financial ruin, have made it through to the other side, and now have bucket loads of cash?

Perhaps you have lost a baby and want to help other ladies struggling through the darkest period of their lives?

Or perhaps you have a few embarrassing secrets to share with the world. After all, Genine confessed to being a bossy bogan and Alli to being a cougar on her second marriage with a thing for short men. Laughter makes the world go round, and we like to laugh at ourselves and at others (in a good way) often and loudly.

Over the next few weeks we will start populating our Real Women section with a wide range of stories on a wide range of very real women. So, get your nominations in. All we need is a brief overview (a few short paras or dot points is fine) – the woman, the angle, the challenge, the story. We will take it from there.

Email alli@alliandgenine.com with the words REAL WOMEN in the subject line, and we will collate the responses and start locking in lovely ladies ASAP. Exciting times ahead!

Do you have a story to share or do you know of someone super inspiring who does?

Alli & Genine


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