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Genine takes a leaf out of Hudson’s book and asks … But WHY?

7 Jun

Over the past two weeks I have been on six planes crossing two states, on eight trains, in 10 taxis and have accepted two free rides from friendly strangers. I have lugged around four suitcases, two promotional banners (that look remarkable like gun cases, apparently, so make air hostesses very nervous) and an annoying handbag that fails to close (and hence I had five near fatal handbag content spills in public places).

I’ve missed two trains and one taxi cab and turned up 20 minutes late to a speaking gig with 55 women. I am certainly doing my bit for the transport industry (and also for the rapid consumption of fossil fuels – whoops!).

Genine’s image of travelling …

Genine’s reality of travelling

I have left behind one owl necklace, one mobile phone, one beige bra, one dirty black jacket, one leopard-print scarf on the sticky floor of a rowdy Sydney pub, and two boarding passes (not at the pub). But don’t panic, all were retrieved in the nick of time. Just another chaotic month in the life of Genine-who-loves-to-take-on-more-than-humanly-possibly-and-still-manages-to-come-out-the-other-side.

How did my life suddenly become so … intense? (And just how many trees have died in the process?).

Well, clearly I decided that two magazines, two board member positions, ‘president’ crown of a charity (sounds fancy, hey?), one loving husband and a ball-obsessed dog just weren’t enough. My life became intense because I finally found my “why?”! And let me tell you, once you find your “why?” all the trains, planes and automobiles (and random free rides from strangers) become part of the ride!

Alli and I were at a speaking gig a couple of weeks ago, and thanks to a bit of D & M (deep and meaningful, for those not in the know) time with the audience (thanks Shar from The Style Network), everyone shared their “why?” – as in, why you do what you do and what gets you out of bed each day. Not only did everyone share their why and Alli had a cry (not unusual), we very much connected with these chicks on a different level once we knew their why. Deep, I know.

So, Alli and I “borrowed” this “why?” gem the other day for our speaking gig (sidebar, when we met* Ita Buttrose a few weeks ago she told us that it is always okay to use someone else’s idea – seriously!). And boy, do you get to know someone when you find out their “why?” (and also realise that sometimes your “why?” is a bit lame – apparently wanting loads of money isn’t exactly the “why?” you should share in a room full of chicks – especially immediately after an Alli sooky-la-la moment …).

Genine & Alli managed to harass Ita into a photo

In all honestly though, I do know my “why?”. I know why I spring out of bed each morning, sometimes working up to 16 hours a day, juggling emails, deadlines, hopping on numerous planes, trains and random automobiles and leaving a lot of crap behind in my path. And I could do it again and again, week in week out. So what’s my “why”?

Well, more on that another time …

What is your WHY?

Genine x

* The term ‘met’ is used here loosely. Alli & Genine did in fact meet Ita and babbled some crap at her like two tweens meeting the cute one out of One Direction, but really she was addressing the audience with her wisdom and not Alli & Genine directly. However, we will continue to elude that Ita met with Alli & Genine personally and that they hung out – they wish.

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