Our book! ISSUES? What Issues?

Look – it’s a book! With pages and everything! Okay, so you can’t actually see the pages ’cause it’s just a front cover, but you know what we mean. Go on, have a chuckle – we look kinda silly, don’t we? If there’s one thing we are good at it’s laughing at ourselves!

Yes, we did it. We wrote a book, appropriately called ISSUES? What Issues? And what’s it all about? Stuff. Our stuff. Real stuff.

Here’s the official blurb…

ISSUES? What Issues? is a collection of humorous tales, ramblings and short stories from two average 30-something women (that’s us!).

Introducing the real, raw and honest world of Alli & Genine; think Sex and the City meets Bridget Jones’s Diary. It’s fabulous, it’s girly, and frankly, it’s hilarious.

But mostly, it’s fraught with challenges, issues and ‘big girls’ panties’ moments. Embarrassing!

You name it, Alli & Genine reveal it. Alli talks openly about her failings as a working mother, being adopted, her life as a cougar, ability to cry at the drop-of-a-hat, fat knees, obsession with short men, missing libido, and love of shopping and shoes (shame she can’t walk in heels).

Genine admits to being a bossy control freak with a perceived ‘stuck-up’ persona and an inability to cry (seriously!). She also opens up about her attempts at becoming a mother, bogan roots, WAG status and scrooge-like approach to spending (she hates shopping).

By taking an honest and open approach to sharing their challenges, fears, idiosyncrasies and issues, Alli & Genine (business partners and the best of friends) hope to inspire, educate and entertain women everywhere, so maybe, just maybe, they will feel a little more normal and a little less overwhelmed.

Well laugh it up, ladies. Alli & Genine at your service. Because we all need a good laugh every now and again, and we all have issues, right?”

So there you have it. Our first book! For those of you who have been following our blogs, some of your favourite ramblings are in there, but you’ll also learn a stack of new stuff about us. Surprise! We really do get real, raw and honest.

Oh and it’s OUT APRIL 16 and it’s just $19.99 – BARGAIN! Just in time for Mother’s Day (apologies for the completely commercial plug!). A special shout out to the gorgeous Rachael Bermingham from Bermingham Books – our distributor and mentor.

We will be running a special PRE-SALE promotion for those of you desperate to get your hands on a copy (signed for all our special friends) – stay tuned! But if you really, truly don’t want to miss out, shoot us at email at alli@alliandgenine.com and we will pop you on a PRE-PRE-SALE list.

Thanks for your support, friends. It has already been one hell of a ride and something tells us the best is yet to come!

Oh – and be honest – what do you think of the front cover (we look far hotter on the back cover, btw!)?

Alli & Genine



12 Responses to “Our book! ISSUES? What Issues?”

  1. Fee Thornton March 15, 2012 at 9:56 pm #

    Congrats ladies…all that hard work finally paid off!! Well done you both truly deserve it, can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

  2. Kim Morrison March 15, 2012 at 4:05 am #

    Lovvvvve it you gorgeous gals!!! Truly beautiful & huge congrats indeed!!! So proud…& about time really!!! We’ve all been waiting! Mwah xxxx

  3. ava guilfoyle March 14, 2012 at 7:33 pm #

    I am really hoping for a free copy ! as a mothers day presant you know who G
    becides all that wishing you both every success Alli & genine x x mum

    • alli & genine March 14, 2012 at 7:50 pm #

      LOL! Of course Mum! Oh, and perhaps for Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter … only joking. And I’ll say “Hi Mum!” when we are on The Today Show. Gxxx


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