Meet Alli; she likes to write stuff …

Alli is an experienced writer (based in Brisbane), co-director and editor-in-chief of Profile Magazines (Sunshine Coast & Tropical North QLD) and co-director of Alli & Genine (blogs and other ramblings at, with a book to be launched in April 2012).

A public relations, media, marketing, publishing and communications professional for some 18 years (with a business degree in PR and journalism), Alli jumped the fence to her true calling, writing, about five years ago. It’s time to up the ante and spread her freelance writing wings.

Writing is in Alli’s blood, it’s her thing (although it took her a few years to work this out), and she certainly has her own unique style. While she can easily whip up a straight-laced travel review or news story at a moment’s notice, Alli’s true talent lies in her feature writing and in profiling people. She often chooses to connect the subject with the reader by sharing her own experiences and perspectives through her writing. It certainly works!

In addition to being known for her real, raw, honest and somewhat embarrassing confessions as told through her ‘Alli & Genine’ voice, Alli is renowned for her light-hearted, emotive and even  humorous pieces, priding herself on her casual and breezy style.

Besides Profile Magazines, Alli has written for APN, Practical Parenting, My Property Preview Magazine, RCI Endless Vacation, TNQ Style Magazine (custom publishing) and Tropical Living Magazine (custom publishing).

Alli’s writing experience includes lifestyle, travel and tourism, food reviews, people profiles and in-depth interviews (her speciality), parenting, property, finance and home renovations. She has also blogged on a wide range of topics, as you can see via the links below or on the OUR BLOGS page above.

Check out some of Alli’s ‘greatest publishing hits’ via the link below to her FLIPMAG … CLICK HERE

To have a read of some of Alli’s most popular ‘Alli & Genine’ blogs, follow these links:

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A day in the life of a completely inadequate working mother; Alli shares …

‘Please don’t call me a cougar’ Alli pleads  

If you would like to engage Alli’s services or chat further about story ideas, give her a call or shoot her an email!

phone: 0408 020 189




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