Meet A&G

Meet Alli & Genine …

Alli (Grant) and Genine (Howard) are business partners and the best of friends. The pair met in 2008 when they worked for a major newspaper company on the Sunshine Coast in sunny Queensland. Soon after meeting, they left to pursue their own dreams – Genine dreamt of starting a magazine, and Alli of launching a marketing agency and expanding her writing experience.

When Alli heard Genine was looking for a business-savvy writer and editor, their working relationship, and inevitable friendship, was cemented. Today, Alli and Genine are partners in the Profile Magazine Group, along with the company’s token male and third director, Hamish Rose. Every month Profile inspires readers on the Sunshine Coast and in Tropical North Queensland through Genine and Alli’s raw and real approach to editorial content.

But they wanted to do more. Alli and Genine wanted to find a new project, to create a platform to help women, inspire women, encourage women, educate women … and give them a belly laugh or two along the way. With these goals in mind, the world of Alli & Genine was born!

“What we do best is tell the stories of amazing women – to use these stories to inspire, educate and inform. The virtual world of Alli & Genine is the perfect way for us to do our bit for the sisterhood – to tell the real stories of so many, including our own stories, in a way that is cathartic and inspiring for all involved. It’s also a great way to connect women from all over the world. We truly believe that, when you’re faced with a challenge, being honest and real is the best way to move forward, and reading the stories of others who have gone through the same challenge makes you feel less alone, less hopeless,” Alli explains.

“We really are not experts in anything – which is why this is the perfect venture for us! We’re perfectly qualified! We don’t preach, and we don’t offer self-help tips. We don’t tell you how to feel and what you should do / say / be, but if you want to learn from other women just like you, our world will help you get those big panties pulled up high so you can get on with life,” Genine explains. “Because if telling the stories of so many wonderful women has taught us anything, it’s that what doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger,” adds Genine.

Meet Alli

Alli Grant spent the first 16 years of her career in the corporate world as a marketing and public relations professional, specialising in work with big Australian and global brands like McDonald’s and Emirates Airline. Creativity was her thing. After seven years with a high-profile national PR consultancy, the last three as general manager, at 28, Alli burnt out. She needed a break, a change of pace. Alli escaped to the Sunshine Coast to a more laidback lifestyle. She took on a new role and settled into life at the beach. But, as they say, life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans!

One thing led to another and Alli found herself at an all too familiar fork in the road. She took the road less travelled and decided to start her own freelance marketing business. But, yet again, life had other ideas. Alli offered up her somewhat rusty writing skills to a friend, Genine, who was launching a magazine. That was 2008. Today, Alli holds the position of editor-in-chief and joint-publisher with Profile Magazines. She is also the owner of a shoe business – but that’s a whole other story …

Somewhere along the way, Alli got married, divorced, and married again (not to the same man, just to clarify), and in 2009, at the ripe old age of 35 (apparently considered ‘geriatric’), she gave birth to a perfect little boy, Hudson. Alli, Hudson and her husband, Simon, now live in Brisbane, closer to their support network of family and friends. Oh, and she also has a dog, a cat (sadly she has farewelled two cats this year), two goldfish and a snail (don’t ask!). She calls her house ‘menagerie central’.

While her free time is somewhat limited, when she does get to escape for some much-needed time-out, she enjoys any kind of pampering (think massage, pedicures, facials), travelling, the odd gym class with friends (exercise is ‘odd’ to Alli), shopping (for anything, anytime), laughing with the girls over wine, and hanging out on the trampoline with ‘her boys’.

Today, Alli is juggling the roles of mother and wife with the responsibilities of an author, writer, editor, business owner and entrepreneur. She admits that she fails miserably at all roles, each and every day!

Meet Genine

Genine is one of those girls who seems to have it all – glamorous life as a magazine publisher and author, loyal husband, two dogs and a house on the picturesque Sunshine Coast, all juggled in a pair of killer heels. However, those heels weren’t always high (Genine spent her first 10 career years in boots and khaki … and not the fashionable kind) and having it all doesn’t always come easy.

A trained biologist, she made a life-changing decision to move from her hometown in Melbourne to the furthest northern spot she could find (that didn’t have traffic lights) and landed in Port Douglas, Queensland. It was here that she found her passion, educating the masses on the environment. A born entertainer, she thrived in this role as tour guide, but always knew destiny lie somewhere just under the surface.

After several years loyally working for an award-winning wildlife park (still in khakis), she made the move into a career in advertising and magazines … the rest is history! Helping to successfully launch several regional publications, and then branching out to start her own business, Genine is now the successful publisher of her own suite of magazines (alongside her partners, Alli and Hamish) and a mentor for women.

Being on the end of launching her own business during the Global Financial Crisis all the while being crowned Small Business Women of The Year, Genine also knows a thing or two about hard work.

Happily married and in charge of her own destiny, Genine is the epitome of positivity regardless of anything thrown at her – there at the ready to help a friend in need (usually Alli!) and always the first to see the brighter side of life. Known for her love of ankle-breaking high heels, she is always out and about, meeting new people and sharing her wisdom. After dark, you’ll find Genine at home in her pink, fluffy dressing gown tapping away on her computer with a small dog or two (her fur-children) perched on her lap. But while she seems to have it all, Genine has faced her fair share of challenges, including three miscarriages! Life, hey? Never easy …


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      Thank you so much! We would love any comments on content you would like to see also, plus we are looking for amazing stories of others to share. Genine x


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