January 20 2012

The power of Facebook … the ‘Dear Sam’ letter incident of 2012 (our little blog went global!)

I write to share our experiences on the ‘Sam’s sacking’ front – perfect fodder for an interview on a topical issue.

As a couple of relative newcomers to the blogging world (our blog is just eight weeks old!), our goal is to share our very real, raw and honest experiences, thoughts and issues with our already active little community. (We are magazine publishers in our ‘other lives’.)

Yesterday, I got a bee in my bonnet about the way Sam the (formerly) Yellow Wiggle was treated. So I did what I do well – I wrote, and blogged, about it. Now, admittedly I was a little passionate (I tend to exaggerate when in full writing flight). I poked a bit of fun at the old Wiggles, and shared my disgust at how they dealt with Sam’s sacking.

I injected a little humour (I’m sure the Wiggles can take a joke – they are, after all, ‘mature-aged’ men who dance for toddlers), added a touch of controversy and pressed PUBLISH. You can read my blog here

WOW! Wasn’t prepared for what was to come. Our little blog went viral – 4000 plus reads in 18 hours … on a good day we would be happy with 400 to 500! We are, after all, only eight weeks into our blogging journey. Certainly shows the power of social media!

In fact, we have been blown away by the passion – comment after comment on our blog and Facebook pages. While most have seen it for what it –a dig at the Wiggles wrapped in a few harmless laughs, many have shown their passion in other ways – venting their disgust at my opinion and the opinion of many of Sam’s supporters. People are certainly either in TEAM SAM or TEAM GREG. Talk about passion!

Other Facebook pages have gotten in on the act. ‘Sam Moran Should Be Made the Green Wiggle’ throwing its support (and Facebook shares) our way …

It has certainly been controversy central over at Alli & Genine. Every time we press the REFRESH button, we stare in disbelief. 4000 plus reads … and rising!

Interview suggestion

I am sure the ‘Sam’s sacking’ issue will be topical for days and weeks to come. We thought you might like to chat to someone at the coal face of this issue – us! We can share our experiences with the power of social media, the types of comments we have received, the passion shown from both TEAM SAM and TEAM GREG members … we are certainly excellent representatives of the average 30-something woman. I’m a working mummy rooting for TEAM SAM, and Genine, who isn’t yet a mum, is still wondering what the fuss is all about.

We are based in Brisbane, but would be happy to nip down to Sydney or Melbourne if required for an interview (or do a cross up here, of course). We both have backgrounds in PR, marketing, the media and public speaking, so I can assure you we would make good talent! We know the drill …

A little about us …

We’re a couple of regional magazine publishers (Profile Magazine – who, about eight weeks ago, decided to start a blog – Alli & Genine. A very real, raw and honest world where we share our ramblings, as 30-somethings with issues. We are always honest – I have blogged about my hated ‘Cougar’ status, my inadequacies as a working mum, my obsession with short men, my quest to reduce the size of my butt, and even my genetically gifted fat knees.

Genine, my business partner and best friend (who isn’t a mum), has shared her bogan roots (the genetic kind), the fact that she pretends to be a bimbo to make her husband feel more like a man, her ‘magic pants’, and the recent loss of her fur-baby, her puppy dog.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, in fact we poke fun at our issues and ourselves, and our light-hearted approach has already had a massive impact. In eight short weeks, we have developed a really active and supportive little community of followers.

BUT nothing could prepare us for the DEAR SAM incident … Facebook at its best!

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Alli x

Alli Grant
blogger, author-to-be, entrepreneur, magazine publisher, bossy wife, emotional mess, inadequate mother and wanna-be social media guru

Genine Howard
blogger, author-to-be, entreprenuer, magazine publisher, bossy wife, virgo, perfectionist and wanna-be social media guru

ALLI 0408 020 189                                                                                              GENINE 0409 555 955                                                                            

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