A&G Book Club: Enemas … Genine gets to the bottom it the matter (tee hee, get it?)

I have had a fascination with enemas for a long time. Don’t get me wrong; I haven’t actually had one and I don’t think about them in some kind of weird, perverse way. Just curious.

I mean, who would want a pipe stuck up their bottom so to allow water to gush into their insides? Sounds a bit dangerous to me. But I have to admit that sometimes I feel like an enema would give me divine relief. Although I am not a coeliac, nor have I been diagnosed as gluten intolerant, I simply cannot eat bread, potatoes, cheese, onion, garlic … and the list goes on. If I do, I end up with an extremely bloated ‘food belly. You should see my husband’s face when I am ordering at a restaurant – apparently it is rude to change the menu.

But quite honestly the thought of having an enema is somewhat akin to my thoughts on having one of my kidneys taken out – physically possible, but highly unnecessary and completely horrid.

So when I recently read a book by young, gorgeous, once-champagne-sipping-party-girl Jessica Ainscough, who has regular enemas – as in a few times a day – I was, as you can imagine, taken aback. So I decided to get to the bottom of the matter (pun intended).

I met Jessica Ainscough about a year ago on a cover shoot for one of our magazines (started back in July 2008, insert self-promoting plug here … http://www.profilemag.com.au/). Jessica, at the time, was battling a rare form of aggressive and essentially incurable cancer called Epithelioid Sarcoma in her left hand, arm and armpit. She had tried chemo and radiation therapy but doctors had essentially told Jess that her arm would need to be amputated.

So what would any life-loving 22-year-old do? Tell the doctors to jump in a lake, of course! Jess decided to take control of her life and heal her body herself. Yep. This vivacious blonde turned her back on modern medicine, took off to Mexico with her parents and discovered Gerson Therapy – a strict and rigorous regime of hourly juicing, a basic plant-based diet, and a program of cancer-fighting supplements and … around-the-clock coffee enemas.
No wonder they call this girl The Wellness Warrior – anyone who can deal with round-the-clock enemas is a warrior in my book! We ran a cover story on Jess at the time and went so far as using only organic makeup and dressed her in an organic cabbage leaf gown  made by hand! (Alli admits to being a crap crafting mother in this blog – maybe I should pop around next time, Al?!).
profile magazine

Jessica graced the Feb 2011 cover of Profile Magazine wearing a specially made organic cabbage leaf dress

Jessica has just released her eBook Make Peace With Your Plate in which she takes the reader on a journey through her battles with cancer to today, where she is aptly crowned The Wellness Warrior  due to her very frank and often amusing look at our tortured relationship with food … oh how true!

I have to say this book is bloody sensational – Jess tells it like it is and gives practical and real tips on which foods are contributing to weight gain, bad skin and bitchy emotions. Me, bitchy? Never. Well not after reading this book! Seriously though, Jess is proof that putting the right things in your gob can be life-changing, or in her case, life-saving.

So, for our first A&G Book Club review, I highly recommend you get your hands on a copy of Make Peace With Your Plate if you have ever dieted, binged, felt bloated, or if, like me, you have a love-hate relationship with food.

Mek Peace With Your Plate

I love this quote from Jess;

“What would your life look like if you could eat whatever you wanted, and you still looked in the mirror and saw someone you were completely in love with staring back at you?”

Oh, wait, what about the enemas?

And why the hell would you put coffee up your bum rather than drinking it? Well people, I have to tell you that in this book Jess demonstrates VIA VIDEO how to do a home enema. All I can say is you have to buy the book to watch the video … [insert shameless plug for you to click here to buy book].

Oh and if you haven’t bought eBook before, don’t be afraid. EBook sales are now neck and neck with physical book sales plus you can take your book anywhere with you, on an iPad or Kindle reader (well, in fact you can have a whole library – gotta get me one of those iPads …) so it’s no wonder the sales of eBooks are going bonkers.

If you are interested in doing something new today, why not grab a copy of Jess’s eBook, and while you’re at it, give an enema a go!



PS Have you ever had an enema? Would you recommend them?


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