It’s not you … it’s me. Alli & Genine are moving away …

25 Mar

It’s time. It’s not you. It’s me (well, us).

We are moving!

We have been working on a newer, brighter, shinier version of the online Alli & Genine world and now it is ready! Same address –, new look.

We will no longer be hosted by WordPress so as of tomorrow you will no longer receive our daily update email – oh no!

For us this is devastating as we really want to keep you informed of our blogs AND our new pre-sale book launch starting tomorrow!


Tomorrow, could you pop onto our site as normal, take a look around at it’s prettiness, then SIGN UP?!!

You will see a big fat SIGN UP on the right hand column – simply click on, enter your email address and voila! You will get an email alert of when we post (FYI you don’t have to always read them, just make us feel good we are still touching you … and not in an inappropriate way).

Make sure you have ‘liked’ our Facebook page

Follow us on Twitter

Or for the groovy peeps we will have all the social media icon / gadget things set up for you to follow us too.

See you on the other side!




One Response to “It’s not you … it’s me. Alli & Genine are moving away …”

  1. Carol M Howard March 25, 2012 at 9:37 am #

    Wither thou goest, goest I. Luvya

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