Genine takes a leaf out of Hudson’s book and asks … But WHY?

7 Jun

Over the past two weeks I have been on six planes crossing two states, on eight trains, in 10 taxis and have accepted two free rides from friendly strangers. I have lugged around four suitcases, two promotional banners (that look remarkable like gun cases, apparently, so make air hostesses very nervous) and an annoying handbag that fails to close (and hence I had five near fatal handbag content spills in public places).

I’ve missed two trains and one taxi cab and turned up 20 minutes late to a speaking gig with 55 women. I am certainly doing my bit for the transport industry (and also for the rapid consumption of fossil fuels – whoops!).

Genine’s image of travelling …

Genine’s reality of travelling

I have left behind one owl necklace, one mobile phone, one beige bra, one dirty black jacket, one leopard-print scarf on the sticky floor of a rowdy Sydney pub, and two boarding passes (not at the pub). But don’t panic, all were retrieved in the nick of time. Just another chaotic month in the life of Genine-who-loves-to-take-on-more-than-humanly-possibly-and-still-manages-to-come-out-the-other-side.

How did my life suddenly become so … intense? (And just how many trees have died in the process?).

Well, clearly I decided that two magazines, two board member positions, ‘president’ crown of a charity (sounds fancy, hey?), one loving husband and a ball-obsessed dog just weren’t enough. My life became intense because I finally found my “why?”! And let me tell you, once you find your “why?” all the trains, planes and automobiles (and random free rides from strangers) become part of the ride!

Alli and I were at a speaking gig a couple of weeks ago, and thanks to a bit of D & M (deep and meaningful, for those not in the know) time with the audience (thanks Shar from The Style Network), everyone shared their “why?” – as in, why you do what you do and what gets you out of bed each day. Not only did everyone share their why and Alli had a cry (not unusual), we very much connected with these chicks on a different level once we knew their why. Deep, I know.

So, Alli and I “borrowed” this “why?” gem the other day for our speaking gig (sidebar, when we met* Ita Buttrose a few weeks ago she told us that it is always okay to use someone else’s idea – seriously!). And boy, do you get to know someone when you find out their “why?” (and also realise that sometimes your “why?” is a bit lame – apparently wanting loads of money isn’t exactly the “why?” you should share in a room full of chicks – especially immediately after an Alli sooky-la-la moment …).

Genine & Alli managed to harass Ita into a photo

In all honestly though, I do know my “why?”. I know why I spring out of bed each morning, sometimes working up to 16 hours a day, juggling emails, deadlines, hopping on numerous planes, trains and random automobiles and leaving a lot of crap behind in my path. And I could do it again and again, week in week out. So what’s my “why”?

Well, more on that another time …

What is your WHY?

Genine x

* The term ‘met’ is used here loosely. Alli & Genine did in fact meet Ita and babbled some crap at her like two tweens meeting the cute one out of One Direction, but really she was addressing the audience with her wisdom and not Alli & Genine directly. However, we will continue to elude that Ita met with Alli & Genine personally and that they hung out – they wish.


Come on over and sign up!

8 Apr

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Alli discovers the true meaning of “family-friendly fun”

25 Mar

Grand Mercure Twin Waters on the lagoon

A few weeks ago, Genine challenged me to take three glorious days off – no email, no phone calls, no work. Sounds simple, but as a “poor me” workaholic from way back, I find it super difficult to switch off.I needed a mini break. I needed time with my beautiful son and husband.

I needed time to play and laugh and giggle and breathe.We needed to get away to somewhere without a lap top and work files! So, we headed to one of our favourite places in the world, the Sunshine Coast, thanks to the generosity of the  4.5 star Grand Mercure Apartments Twin Waters.

Now, I’m going to be frank. We hadn’t really considered staying at Twin Waters. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a fabulous resort, but that’s the problem. It’s a resort. And we’re more of an apartment / holiday house family. Typically, resort-type rooms don’t really suit a young family who likes to spread out.

Since having our son, we hadn’t considered a Twin Waters holiday. That was my problem – I was thinking only of the Novotel Twin Waters, the Grand Mercure’s neighbour. I wasn’t aware that right next door was heaven for families.


Here’s the deal. The Novotel is all about family fun. Activities-a-go-go. There’s the lake and its many water faring activities – kayaking, sailing, trampolining (although it was closed for maintenance on our visit). There’s sandcastle building for the little ones. There are bikes to hire and several pools to swim in. There’s a kids’ club. There are organised activities each and every day to suit children of all ages. And there are three restaurants and a bar.Honestly, it’s the perfect place to take an almost-three-year-old for a mini break. But, as I discovered, you don’t have to stay at the Novotel to access these activities.

Staying at the Grand Mercure comes with complete access to the resort, so you can choose to stay in a self-contained apartment or beach house and still make the most of the activities at the resort, as we did on our stay.

The bedrooms are spacious, with an ensuite off the master (with the most fabulous bath tub!). Our room had a beautiful balcony that overlooked the resort’s lagoon, complete with barbeque – perfect for a young family with a toddler who his the sack at 7:30pm, as we could throw a few steaks on the barbeque, open a bottle of wine and enjoy the serenity. Which is exactly what we did.

View from our room

But the best bit for me, a try-hard cook, was the kitchen. Sure, it was super big with all the shiny equipment you’d expect from a quality apartment. But the devil is in the detail. You name it; it was hidden away in a drawer or cupboard. Platters galore (hate it when you have to use a dinner plate as a cheese platter!), every utensil known to man, and about a million different kinds of glasses. Heaven. However, the real heaven for me was the time-off with my boys.

We sailed.


We played in the sand.

Sand play!

We kayaked. We swam in the pool (the Grand Mercure boasts three swimming pools as well as bicycle and walking tracks that wind around the central lagoon).


We did craft (how I hate craft, I did it all the same). We built cubby houses.We played. We laughed. We bonded. We celebrated being a family. I would urge families everywhere to consider the Grand Mercure Twin Waters Apartments. You can choose to lie low in your beautiful apartment or engage in the family-friendly fun at the resort. Do as little or as much as you like, but do it together. As a family.

We will definitely take our little boy back to the Grand Mercure Twin Waters, and next time we will stay longer and might even head to the beach, which incidentally, is right across the street. And there will definitely be a next time.


Grand Mercure Apartments Twin Waters still has availability for the Easter break and is offering fantastic rates starting from just $220 per night in a two bedroom apartment for a minimum 5 night stay. Call  5450 6129 or visit



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It’s not you … it’s me. Alli & Genine are moving away …

25 Mar

It’s time. It’s not you. It’s me (well, us).

We are moving!

We have been working on a newer, brighter, shinier version of the online Alli & Genine world and now it is ready! Same address –, new look.

We will no longer be hosted by WordPress so as of tomorrow you will no longer receive our daily update email – oh no!

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Ever had a “poor me” moment? Genine experiences a foreign emotion.

23 Mar

Indulge me readers. I am having a “poor me” moment.

Genine has a 'poor me' moment

Those of you who follow our blog will know that is a rare occurrence indeed. I’m the ‘glass half-full’ half of the Alli & Genine combo. Alli’s normally the one to have a big girly cry. Well, the tables have turned.

So, I have been slaving away for a good few weeks now, pulling 16-hour (or more) days and have hardly seen my husband. It’s been all work and certainly no play.

I am tired, cranky and desperately need a massage. My normally strict diet and exercise regime has been neglected and I haven’t cut my toenails in far too long (they are a disgrace!). I have taken to pulling my hair up in a tight bun each day because I don’t have the time to wash and blow-dry it.

Kim Kardashian realised she didn't have time to get her nails done

And my house? Let’s just say that the knock on my door right now could be coming from those two old English birds from How Clean Is Your House ?– with gloves firmly in place. Hope it is!

The ladies from House Clean Is Your House? are knocking on Genine's door

Our dog hasn’t been walked in two weeks and is growing more frustrated every day (she even tries to play ball when I am sitting on the loo). The cobwebs have taken over. And if anyone had asked me to do another thing yesterday at work I may well have eaten them, screamed at them or called them a nasty name. I am stressed, fragile and experiencing mini panic attacks. Poor, poor me.

The I went to the bank. I was in my ‘I am so busy, poor me, blah blah blah’ mode. The teller (let’s call her Maria, ‘cause that is her name) took me into an office to help me with my banking issues. “Tappity tap, banking, money, banking, blah blah, I have five children, blah blah …” Hold the phone. “Five children?” I asked. Yep, five kids, 15 months to 19 years, full-time job, soccer, school, lunches etc. All as a single mum. I had just found Superwoman.

Who knew Superwoman held a second job at the bank?

I walked out of the bank trying to imagine what would happen if I threw a kid into my busy life. I mean, how can one woman juggle that many kids and a career and remain sane?

Then I chatted with our new web developer, the lovely Michelle from Little Hero Hosting. Now, I have not actually met Michelle, so I can’t say for certain, but I’d bet my last dollar that she is decked-out in high-waited blue undies and some sort of strapless gold top with arm shields, just like Wonder Woman. She, like Maria, has five kids. Yep, five little heroes whom she manages to feed, water, clothe, discipline, bathe and put to bed each day, with a story or two before bed, all while emailing and chatting to me throughout the night. Little Hero Hosting? Aptly named in my book.

Does Wonder Woman exist? Genine thinks so!

Next, I was chatting to Alli on the phone and we were updating each other about what we had achieved and what still needed to get done. I had a little tanty and told her that I simply could not fit another thing into my day. I was far, far too busy and exhausted.

After hanging up the phone, I realised something. My business partner, the other half of Alli & Genine and dear, special friend, does exactly what I do each and every day … and then some.

You see, through all my carry-on about how terribly important and busy I was, I forgot that there is a true super-hero right next to me (well, an hour down the road). Just like me, Alli is a wife. She is also a business owner and a work-a-holic. But the one thing Alli is that I am not, is a mum. And Alli is a darned good one at that (although she won’t admit to it).

So today my friend, my blog is for you. This is my chance to tell you that I think you are a wonderful, special woman, who is so driven and inspiring and I am proud to call you my business partner and friend. I sometimes forget how amazing you are.

Genine thinks Alli is hiding some big blue undies under her kaftan (image courtesy Studio Republic)

This post is also for Maria and Michelle – super-hero mums who juggle it all. It is for all you mums out there who work hard, like I do, but do it all while juggling a family – you are my super-heroes.

So it’s time I realised that, yes, it is okay to have a “poor me” moment, but in the end I too have to pull up my big girl’s panties (or in the case of Alli, Michelle and Maria, their Wonder Woman / Superwoman undies) and get on with it. Lesson learned.



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WANTED: Real women to reveal all!

22 Mar

The search is on. We’re looking for other “real women” to take it all off, figuratively speaking. To share their stories. No, we’re not putting together some kind of old chicks’ nudie calendar or organising a bit of womanly Full Monty action. Sorry. We’re prudes from way back. Especially Alli. Not getting nude anytime soon.

Calendar Girls - raw & exposed! But we're not getting nude

Anyway, back to the task at hand. We created the world of Alli & Genine to inspire and entertain women everywhere struggling through life, facing challenges and issues every day. Normal stuff, but tough stuff, all the same. And while we could (and do) bang-on about ourselves and our worlds incessantly, we’re well aware that when it comes to inspiration, we’re a little light-on.

In our “other” world of magazine publishing, we meet amazing women every day, women who have the most inspiring, encouraging and honest stories to share. And thankfully, we’re really bloody good at banging-on about other people too (i.e. not just ourselves). Actually, it’s what we do best.

So, we’re on the hunt for real women who want to share their stories with us and the world. If you head over to our website ( you’ll see that we have a section called Real Women (creative, we know!). And when we say real, we mean average, every day chicks. But that’s each and every one of us, including celebrities, supermodels, billionaires, mums, career women, single gals etc etc. Because deep down, we all hurt, we all have fears and we all have issues to overcome, no matter how rich or famous we are. Even Oprah!

Even Oprah has issues!

The next step for us is to use the fabulous platform you have helped us create to share the thoughts, fears, challenges, triumphs and issues of others. This is where you come in.

Do you know of an especially inspiring woman with a story that simply must be shared with the world? Or would you like to share your own journey and experiences with others?

Perhaps you have views on being a working mum to enlighten and educate? Alli sure could do with a few tips.

Perhaps you have overcome a major tragedy or serious illness and want to give hope to other women going through something similar? We’d love to help.

Perhaps you have been through a particularly nasty divorce and have a few funny tales to tell, in hindsight?

Perhaps you have faced financial ruin, have made it through to the other side, and now have bucket loads of cash?

Perhaps you have lost a baby and want to help other ladies struggling through the darkest period of their lives?

Or perhaps you have a few embarrassing secrets to share with the world. After all, Genine confessed to being a bossy bogan and Alli to being a cougar on her second marriage with a thing for short men. Laughter makes the world go round, and we like to laugh at ourselves and at others (in a good way) often and loudly.

Over the next few weeks we will start populating our Real Women section with a wide range of stories on a wide range of very real women. So, get your nominations in. All we need is a brief overview (a few short paras or dot points is fine) – the woman, the angle, the challenge, the story. We will take it from there.

Email with the words REAL WOMEN in the subject line, and we will collate the responses and start locking in lovely ladies ASAP. Exciting times ahead!

Do you have a story to share or do you know of someone super inspiring who does?

Alli & Genine


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Alli celebrates the sisterhood, soul-mates and dancing like no-one is watching …

21 Mar

Twenty years ago, at the deliciously naive age of 17, I snagged a plum part-time job at Sizzler. Here I met my three dearest and oldest friends, Jo, Anna-Lisa and Leesa. Anna worked the registers with me, Leesa was the queen of the salad bar and Jo had the enviable role of waitress (paying the big bucks!). Sizzler funded us through uni. Who knew that we would be bonded by cheesy toast for the rest of our lives?

Jo, Leesa, me, Anna - a lifetime ago!

You see, Jo, Anna and Leesa are my soul-mates. And yes, I did steal that line straight out of Sex and the City, but they are. The tyranny of distance hasn’t dented our bond. Boys have come and gone (how lucky am I to have had the same bridesmaids for both weddings?). And no matter how long it is between phone calls, we don’t ever give each other a hard time, which is good news for me as I am the slack one (sorry!). They are “my girls”.   

Twenty years on, we are still the best of friends. Not that we see each other all that often. Anna has lived in the US on and off for 15 years, and I don’t think we’ll be getting her back anytime soon (thank goodness she’s mad for Skype!). I miss her. Jo lives on the Sunshine Coast, and with three kids, a busy career and a hardworking husband who is also in a gaggle of bands, it’s hard to find time to connect.

Leesa lives just a few suburbs away, yet we only see each other every month or so, mostly due to my seriously stressed-out life – and she has a family to juggle too. Sorry Leesa! Bless her – she is both persistent and patient. I would have given up on me years ago.

The year was 1993 - I kid you not!

We have done/seen/said/been it all to each other over the years. We have shared clothes, cars, holidays, houses, boyfriends, drinks, Mars Bars (inside joke there!) even jobs. We have seen each other through break-ups and break-downs. We are super honest, but we don’t fight. Well, I did get annoyed with Anna for pashing my boyfriend when we were 18, but I’m over it now.

It’s quite a peaceful feeling knowing that these three beautiful (inside and out) women will be by my side (even from the other side of the world) for the rest of my life.

Yep, we're starting to mature here...

Anyway, enough emotional  stuff. Let’s get to the point. Dancing. Daggy dancing, to be precise.

Two weeks ago, Jo, Leesa and I caught up for “our usual” outing. We do it about three or four times a year. And no we don’t frock up in designer dresses, sky-high stilettos and head for cosmos at the coolest bar. We grab a couple of bottles of cheap bubbles, head to China Town, talk for two hours non-stop over dim sims and spring rolls, and then we go out.

Out to the same nightclub, Kaliber in the Valley in Brisbane, every time. It’s daggy and it plays songs with words. Remember those days? When you could go to a club and actually sing along with the music? Most clubs don’t cater for the “around 40” demographic. Guess they figure we’re at home knitting or scrapbooking? But this place plays it all – ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s and current stuff. And the age and mix of people is somewhat eclectic – from 18 to 50! We boogie to Footloose alongside 18-year-olds who know all the words. What the? We have found nirvana for old chicks. It’s our “special place”.

So, out we go. The moment we walk through that door we are transported back to a time when our skirts were short, our tops were low, our boobs were perky, we lived to dance, and boys thought we were hot. A time without husbands, mortgages, children, family dramas, stretchmarks and financial woes. As soon as we hit that dance floor, nothing else matters.

Actual dancing when we were "young"

We dance like no one is watching. We do running man. We dance to The Spice Girls and sing all the words. We request anything by Salt’n’Peppa and scream with excitement when Walking on Sunshine comes on.  

Our hair sticks to our faces. Our jeans/tights have to be literally rolled down so we can pee. Our makeup sweats straight off.  Actually, we look pretty messy by the end of it, but we don’t care. Yet somehow, we still manage to attract a bit of attention from the blokes, and honestly, that’s a nice feeling as most days we feel old and crusty. Good to know we’ve still got it!

The blurry text Anna received two weeks ago...

I live for these nights. I live for my girls. It’s the ultimate escape from our busy little lives. For just a few hours we’re not wives, mothers and busy career women, we are just Alli, Jo and Leesa (and Anna who lives vicariously through us in the US courtesy of drunken text messages and photos).

Everybody cut Footloose!

I was laying in bed this morning thinking about how much fun we have on these nights. We definitely need to do it more often. Ours is a special friendship, one that will continue to withstand the test of time. And we should celebrate it with daggy dancing. I’m off to lock in a date with the girls.

DJ, you’d better get Footloose ready!

Tell us about your special friendships? What do you do to “reconnect”?



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Alli & Genine have been ‘cougared’…

20 Mar

With our first book coming out soon and a gaggle of fab new friends here in the world of Alli and Genine, we thought we would revisit a couple of ‘oldies but goodies’ blog posts. This has to be one of our favourites – and apparently it’s yours too. Yep, Alli’s confessing to being a cougar!

We have been astounded by the number of hits this posts continues to recieve months after it was posted. In fact, one of the most popular search engine terms directing people to our site is ‘cougar’ (closely followed by ‘big butts’, unfortunately).

It just goes to show that either there are heaps of blokes out there looking for a bit of ‘older lady’ action, lots of ladies who are nervously considering taking on a ‘toy-‘boy’, or simply, that this term still fascinates us  all. Who knew that the ‘older woman, younger man’ topic was so interesting?

Take a read (or re-read) of Alli’s post from 2011 … and yes, she still is a cougar. (Just don’t tell her I called her that!) Genine x

Please don’t call me a cougar

Yes, I have a younger husband. There, I said it. He’s younger, by a fair few years. Not enough to technically put me in the ‘cougar’ category (more than 10 years older, so says – google ‘cougar’ … it’s hilarious!), despite many a label thrown my way, but enough to make me eternally paranoid.

This is how conversations go with new friends when they learn about our seven-ish year age difference.

They say: Oh, Simon’s younger … so you’re a cougar?

I hear: Oh, Simon’s younger … so you’re a sad, old, lonely predator who covets pretty young things?

Yep, paranoid! Although, admittedly, I’m not half as paranoid as I used to be. Back in the early days, about eight ago when we first started dating, I was terrified people would think less of me because Simon was younger. I didn’t want to be one of ‘those women’ who covets younger men. I was a little embarrassed … and a lot confused. Why would such a hot, young guy want to be with this ageing soon-to-be divorcee?

Apparently Jesus is happy with the cougar-thing

For the record, Simon is my first ‘younger man’. There I was, leaving an unhappy marriage, and on my way out I tripped over my now-husband. It was a complete accident! He was young, cute, divinely naïve, and not looking to settle down. Bingo! I was looking for an ‘I’ve left my husband now what the hell do I do?’ distraction, so he seemed like a safe (and oh, so good-looking) option.

It was supposed to be first in a long line of ‘self discovery relationships’. I needed a bit of ‘who am I and where am I going?’ time. But eight years later, that ‘toy boy fling’ is my husband and the father of my adorable son. Whoops! Best laid plans and all that …

Anyway, back to my years of paranoia.

If someone even glanced at us when we were out and about I’d have a mini meltdown. “Oh my God, did you see that guy? He is looking at us funny ‘cause I’m older than you. Is it that obvious? Honey? Do I look THAT old?”

Over time, I better accepted our age difference and took a new approach to having a younger partner … upsizing! For about eight years, Simon has believed he is at least one year older than he really is (ie. when he was 25 he thought he was 26!). Poor guy, I honestly think he has lost track of his actual age! Just a little bit of mathematical rounding up …

Did the 'cougar thing' get in the way Ashton?

Okay, so one measly year doesn’t really make a difference on the, “Do they think I’m a cougar?” front, but I have embraced the upsize, much to Simon’s dismay. In 2012 he will finally turn 30, or is that 31 … or 29? Who knows!

My friends, and annoying little brother, still dine out on the age difference – jokes-a-go-go at my expense – but that’s okay. Simon is a wonderful husband and a loving dad, and I have learnt to embrace having a hot, younger husband.

I just hate being called a cougar, and sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever completely shake the label, which gives me the utter shits. If a man has a younger partner he is considered a ‘sugar daddy’, not a dirty old man. He is put on a pedestal like some kind of sex God, worshipped by all men. Think Hugh Heffner and J Howard Marshall (the late Anna-Nicole Smith’s late hubby).

Admittedly, the ‘older woman, younger man’ thing is becoming more common, thank goodness, but it’s still a long way off being as accepted as the ‘older man, younger woman’ scenario.

Right now, it’s time to put on my big girl’s panties and get on with my day, alongside my hot, younger husband.

Do you have a younger partner? Do you embrace or reject the cougar label?



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Ding-dong! We’ve opened up the doors to sponsors and partners. Come on in!

19 Mar

Psst - do you think anyone will want to sponsor us, G?

So, we have been at this Alli & Genine thing for just three short, incredibly rewarding (and somewhat nutty) months. And wowsers, what a kooky ride it has been. Frankly (and proudly), we are doing bloody well for a new bloggy business, with our first book out in just under a month (insert book plug here!). Yay!

We started with a bit of a ‘suck it and see’ approach. Thought we’d put our bits and pieces out there and see what happened. Well, you happened, our dear friends. You came. You laughed. You cried. You shared. You subscribed. You cared. And we can’t thank you enough. Mwah!

Quickly, we realised we were onto something. Our raw, real and honest approach to sharing our issues, opinions, thoughts and fears worked. It did exactly what we hoped it would do. It inspired you, it educated you, and yippee, it entertained you.

What we HOPE our friends do when they read our blogs! 'Golly gosh, those girls are hilarious!'

This is why we are here, to be unofficial narrators of our generation. Our goal is to share our stories and the stories of other average, real women, just like us, in the hope that we will add just a little bit of something-something into an otherwise challenging day. Some days, we may inject a bit of inspiration and perspective. Other days, we may give you a belly laugh or two. And we really want to make you feel better about (and in) yourself. Because we know how bloody challenging life can be!

Haven't we all had one of these days?

Anyway, enough babble. Let’s get down to business. The business of Alli & Genine!

Time to take this baby to the next level. Time to get out into the big, wide world and spread the Alli & Genine love. We want to ‘touch’ (in a non creepy way) as many real women as possible. And how do we plan to do this? Through partners, sponsors and long-term relationships.

Alli promises not to do this to her son - well, probably not

We have BIG plans for the world of Alli & Genine. Yep, we have a fab blog (watch this space – new and prettier version coming soon) and the book on its way, but ultimately, we want to get out and about in the real world so we can have an even greater impact.

So, are you from or do you know of a business/brand looking for two business-savvy chicks (US!) to jump into bed with (figuratively speaking)?

We are now taking interest from like-minded brands wanting to make life easier/happier/more fabulous for women everywhere. We’re looking for sponsors, supporters and partners to help us fulfil our plans for world domination – think special events, ladies’ lunches, ramped-up online activity, merchandise, mentoring, public speaking, TV shows, endorsements, national book launch road shows – and that’s just the tip of the Alli & Genine iceberg. Told you – BIG plans!

And rest assured – we know marketing, so we certainly have BIG plans as to how we can give extra value back to our supporters too.

We have Dr Evil-like plans for world domination...

Yep, this post is a little more commercial than our usual ramblings (apologies!), but friends, we need your help to take Alli & Genine to the people. PLEASE! If you do know of someone whose brand is perfectly aligned, please send them our way ( or We promise to be kind!

Thanks friends – for everything.



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Attention working mums: We’re ruining our kids! Alli’s been researching …

16 Mar

So, I’ve been doing a bit of research into the working mum thing lately, and I have learnt one thing. Best not to do any research into the working mum thing.

Another day, another study about how we are jeopardising the health and well-being of our little ones by going to work … ho hum. Mummy guilt is rampant, driven partly by the release of these bloody stupid studies that, I am sure, are undertaken by men just to mess with our fragile mummy minds. It’s enough to send a woman to drink, if you’re not at the trough already.

Pack your bags, ladies, we’re going on a Mummy guilt trip! Thought I’d share some of the thought-provoking research (aka utter bullshit) I stumbled across. It’s Friday so I thought we could all do with a laugh, because really, it’s all rubbish … isn’t it? Bloody hope so …

1. Our kids have a greater chance of getting fat

Excellent – one obese son, coming right up! Did you want fries with that? Apparently, as we are so focused on ‘working’ we inevitably run out of time to buy and prepare nutritious meals for our children, so we shove junk food, takeaway or pre-prepared food into their tiny little gobs instead.

Don’t know about you, but I’m certainly not sending my son off to kindy with nachos with extra cheesey cheese, a super-size slurpie and a tub of lard on the side. He may get a muffin (I can hear the gasps of shock from here) or hot cross bun every now and again, but his lunch box is certainly a cheeseburger-free zone. Promise! Some brainiac American professor (a man) revealed that “children with the highest body mass index (BMI) tended to be the children of mums who worked long hours outside the home”. Hmm.

Personally, I think this is utter rubbish and this study should go straight in the bin, along with the takeaway food wrappers from dinner last night. Just kidding. We had chicken and veggies – honest! Seriously though, we all know childhood obesity is a massive problem and I am sure most mums are incredibly conscious of what they let their kids eat.

2. If we’re not causing our children to be obese, we’re pushing them the other way

Excellent! It’s buffet of eating disorders, apparently. Throw mental health problems and sleep disorders into the mix and you have the eloquently penned thoughts of some expert from the UK who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons. Mostly because I don’t want to be responsible for the public stoning he would receive if he ever popped out to Australia for a bit of a visit. So add it to the list ladies – obesity, anorexia, mental health, sleep issues. Tell me again why we work?

3. We are ‘gambling’ with our children’s lives by working

Thank you, UNICEF, I needed something else to lie awake at night stressing about. I was all out of issues!

Every mum wants to know that, while she is off working her stressed little head off and probably getting paid peanuts in the process, she is gambling with her child’s life.  It’s not like we’re throwing our children onto the roulette table and picking ‘red or black’ now is it?

4. Don’t turn to fellow Australians (or Americans, for that matter) for support

Australians have become much more conservative in our views on key gender issues than we were in the 1990s ( Apparently, we are a far less tolerant nation than we were back then when it comes to working mums – we are less inclined to believe a working mother can be as good as a mother who stays at home full-time. Ouch! And tragically, the Americans feel the same – they like us less!

Research revealed that these Americans who liked working mums less also liked the children of working mums less. Oh dear. Note to self: when next in the US don’t confess to being a working mum or they won’t like your kid very much.

5. Oh and don’t go hunting for a new job any time soon

One study (a year or so old, but official research all the same) found that 20 per cent fewer businesses worldwide and 14 per cent fewer in Australia planned to hire a working mother in 2011. Six out of 10 Australian companies did not plan to recruit working mothers over the next two years. Well, isn’t that happy news? It just gets better! Hold on to those jobs ladies, no matter how crappity crap they are, ’cause apparently, since birthing a baby, you’re not as reliable or appealing as an employee. Please! I seriously wonder how true this is – my feeling is that workplaces are becoming far more flexible and family-friendly, but hey, I’m no research expert.

So there you have it (and I haven’t even touched on the ‘putting your kid in day-care’ issues). Utter crap, but worth a giggle just the same. Good news is that I found about a million other studies that tell you all the positives that come with being a working mum. But they don’t ever make the headlines, do they?

Let’s open up the discussion, mummies. I need to hear a few more positives, because while I do wish I could choose how much I worked (i.e. less), I honestly believe that, on the whole, working makes me a better mother (although at times a little loopy).

Big girl’s panties on, it’s time for me to go and ruin my son’s life a little more …



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